Not just a wine club!


You will be guided by your own PERSONAL SOMELLIER who will

custom curate all of your selections for you. Let one of our wine experts guide you through your journey to discover and experience Italy's best wines.

We will put together a selection for you of  an array of top quality wines from throughout Italy. We focus on small to medium producers that you may not easily find at home!


Do you want to know what's new and exciting, taste the best vintages? Join us on our adventure tasting our way through Italy.

If you can't come to Italy, let Italy come to you.


If you are looking for specific wines, cult wines or have any special requests we are happy to oblige;)

More than just a wine club


To find out all of the other delicacies you can include with your shipment, click below!
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Another great group enjoying a wonderful Super Tuscan🍷😎



9 course meal that’s bold on taste, light on calories



You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu

In Vino We Trust

your personal Sommelier and more!


Join our select group of special clients who have a love for wine and want to experience new and exciting Italian wines from our favorite small to medium sized vineyards throughout Italy.




Our Sommelier personally visit an array of wine merchants and producers throughout the region to put together the most tantalizing selections and vintages for our clients. You may sign up for the wine club and choose to receive your selections two to four times a year at your convenience. If you prefer we  can create a custom selection just for you based on your personal preferences and budget.




From regions throughout Italy including Chianti, Chianti Classico, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Bolgheri, Piedmont, Veneto, Alto Adige and southern Italy and many more. These wines include bubbles (sparkling wines) from the Italian and French regions, whites, rose's and reds.




Our goal is to find small high-quality producers and vineyards who do not export internationally or have limited production, I search out the best vintages for each unique wine I select, I want every bottle to be a new discovery that you can share with family and friends.




20% off any wine tours on your next trip to Italy!

One free bottle for any friends you send to the club!



“I drink Champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it -- unless I'm thirsty."

Lilly Bolinger  1899-1977

House of Champagour




How it works

Top-quality wines
shipped from Italy to your front door.
Annual fee of €70.00 to be paid in full upon subscription.
You may choose to have six or twelve bottles personally selected by us delivered to you, two to four times annually.
All prices include,
shipment, including packing, shipping, and insurance.
A payment request will be sent out to you one month prior to shipment with an easy payment option online.
We have two tier of selections currently in 
regards to quality and pricing.
You may specify your order!
Let us know your preferred price 
points, regions, and quality of wines.
We will do the work for you.


Professional and experienced shipping services



At Your Service

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Wine club Italy LLC

based in the USA


Contact us and we will start your journey discovering exciting Italian wines!

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We met Laura when she conducted a wine & food tour in Florence in October 2016.  We were so impressed by her expertise and élan; we couldn’t wait to order a case of local wine, which we left totally up to her discretion.  We have been impressed with the selection so far, and look forward to opening the next bottle!  Thank you Laura. 

Chris & Marcia
     Sunnyvale, CA
16 - Copia
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