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Terrace aperitivo and wine pairing food experience!
For wine lovers only 

You will begin your curated experience on one of the rooftop bars in Florence enjoying the most spectacular view of the city while enjoying and aperitivo as the locals do!

We will take a stroll through town and stop by one of Florences famous wine windows to experience a glass of wine as they did in the 1600's.

Then while hearing some fun facts on your way we will end up at one of our favourite restaurants in the center of Florence where we will have a private room to enjoy a guided wine tasting with top quality wines and delicious local delicacies.

We will vistit their 2000 yr old wine cellar that was once part of the second largest Roman ampatheatre in Italy.

You will have a chance to join the wine club and purchase the wines you have tasted and have them delivered straight from Italy to your front door!

4:45 pm meeting time

8:15 pm end time

€125.00 per person, minimum 3 people

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